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BEMO's Bronze vs Silver Cybersecurity Plans: Which one is Right for Your Business?

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In the fast-paced business world, villains lurk in the shadows, ready to steal your company data through any method they can -- it's up to you to be the hero. Your mission is to navigate the treacherous realm of cybersecurity and save your business from the dreaded game over 

But fear not, for BEMO, your trusty sidekick, has not one, but two powerful shields to offer: Bronze and Silver.  

At BEMO, we understand that no two businesses are alike - each are at a different stage of the game. That's why we offer tailored security solutions to meet your specific requirements. Let's dive into these plans to discover which one is the perfect fit for your business needs. 

Level 1: How to Defend Your Business from Email Threats 

Picture your business as an action-packed arcade game, and your email system is the first level you need to conquer, the gateway that cunning villains relentlessly target to infiltrate your digital fortress.  

In this dangerous virtual realm, phishing attacks loom like treacherous traps. And crafty adversaries masquerade as trustworthy entities, aiming to deceive you into revealing sensitive information or clicking on malicious links. BEMO's Bronze plan focuses on fortifying this vital entry point.  

impersonation email attack

 At first glance this email seems to be legitimate. But could it actually be malicious? Slide to take a closer look.

email impersonation protection

If you or the system don’t identify that the sender ”" is not really your boss (who’s email is slightly different: and click on the malicious link, you could have given Malius the money and your bank account credentials!  

But if you have a BEMO Cybersecurity package you will be covered from email threats. Safe Links is one of the features included in our plans, it redirects URLs through a security service that analyzes and filters potential threats. If the link is deemed safe, you’ll be directed to the intended website. If the link is identified as malicious or suspicious, it will warn or block you from accessing the harmful content

BEMO Bronze Cybersecurity Plan: 

As we saw, just as heroes equip themselves with an array of tools, BEMO arms your business with a robust suite of email security defenses. The BEMO Bronze Security plan fortifies your system with Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender for Office 365.  

These robust defenses shield against phishing, spam, malware, hazardous links, attachments, and impersonation attempts, ensuring comprehensive security. Additionally, email encryption will protect your sensitive emails from being intercepted by villains. 

But the battle doesn't end there. BEMO is not merely a passive guardian; we are a proactive ally in your cybersecurity journey. With our vigilant monitoring and alert system, we keep a watchful eye on your email activity. Should any suspicious signs arise, we swiftly notify you, empowering you with the knowledge to dodge future attacks.  
Here you can check the profile details of your character, should you choose to armor yourself with BEMO's Bronze Cybersecurity Plan. This will help you decide if this shield is the best fit for your business's game or if you need heavier gear - Silver - to take on advanced quests. zero trust email security

Level 2: Fortifying Your Digital Stronghold - Identity and Device Security Unleashed

Congratulations, skilled player! Having mastered the art of defending your business at the email gateway, you are now ready to embark on Level 2. This advanced level is designed for the more mature and strategic player who understands the importance of comprehensive security and needs advanced armor to be victorious. By unlocking this level with our Silver plan, you not only continue to enjoy robust email protection, but also delve into the realms of identity and device security. 

BEMO Silver Cybersecurity Plan: Leveling Up Your Defense 

For those seasoned users ready to embark on a quest for even greater protection, BEMO's Silver plan goes beyond email security, transforming your business into an almost impenetrable fortress. Just as a skilled gamer knows the value of leveling up, Silver covers two crucial areas: Identity Security and Corporate Device Security. 
cybersecurity plan

You'll see that you're probably at this stage of the game, or at least you can have a sneak peek of what your future security posture should be as your business grows.  
Let's take a look at the extra features you unblock with Silver. 

Identity Security

Deploy secure configurations beyond Microsoft defaults, with granular conditional access rules like blocking sign-ins from other countries and legacy authentication methods.

Safeguard your kingdom's privileged accounts with Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and continuous monitoring. Implement secure sign-in using Azure Identity Protection and WebAuthn, enabling hassle-free access with Self-Service Password Resets (SSPR), passwordless technology, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Did you know that a staggering 61% of all breaches involve credentials, whether they be stolen via social engineering or hacked using brute force? Don't let your business fall victim to these cyber villains! Silver ensures that only fellow authorized players gain access to your kingdom. 

Corporate Device Security 

Imagine having an arsenal of weapons at your disposal to manage and protect every device in your business. With the Silver plan, in your inventory, you will find tools to centrally manage and secure devices across Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Through Mobile Device Management (MDM), Device Compliance policies, and the ability to update devices, (including operating systems) and push business approved apps, you'll be equipped with the ultimate defense.

And with Defender for Endpoint's next-gen antivirus, firewall, and EDR capabilities, if a villain makes his way into your fortress, you’ll be able to stop him in his tracks! 


Why Do I Need BEMO?  

As more than half of our managed service customers have discovered, our Cybersecurity Plans offer a comprehensive suite of benefits that will fortify your email, devices, and protect your valuable identities.  

cybersecurity packages

When you choose BEMO, you gain the advantage of our expert team who will ensure a proper initial configuration. We stay ahead of the game by following best practices, keeping up with the latest policies and features, and going beyond the security defaults to boost your Secure Score.  

We prioritize your journey and experience because SMB security is our forte. Our team is composed of seasoned ex-Microsoft Experts who have successfully assisted over 500 customers in their quest for a secure digital realm. Rest assured, as your partner, we safeguard your precious data.

BEMO is SOC2 compliant and utilizes Granular Delegated Access Privileges (GDAP) technology (you don’t need to hand over the keys to your kingdom for us to manage it).  

As a business owner we know that budgets can be the deal breaker or maker. The expenses associated with hiring an in-house security professional versus tapping into our expertise are way higher.

Our dedicated Maintenance & Monitoring team sits in the watchtower at the edge of your kingdom, notifying you of threats and intrusions. Plus, you benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will guide you through every step of your security journey. 

With Bronze, you also enjoy a significant discount of up to 70% on breach response costs, should the unfortunate occur, and 80% off with Silver. We are talking about saving up 7k and 8k respectively! 

And let's not forget the access to our web-based ticketing system for seamless support, as well as O365 tech support available from 8 am to 8 pm EST. small business cyber security consulting

Don't leave your business vulnerable to the dark forces of the cyberverse. Join forces with BEMO and experience the next level of cybersecurity protection.

Let us be your trusted companion on this epic quest, ensuring that your business thrives and achieves victory in the face of ever-evolving threats. Together, we will secure your digital empire and conquer the cyber world! 


You can also live the excitement we shared on our webinar and get more juicy real life examples and details on our Silver Plan. Just check out the recording:


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