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Migrate from GoDaddy To Office 365

Save time and headaches with a seamless migration of emails, files, contacts, and calendar items from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 with BEMO


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Your business deserves better tools. BEMO hands you the key.

Your business is growing, but your tools are holding you back. Sound familiar? You're not alone. That's why GoDaddy is our most popular migration

We get it. As you grow your company, everyone has more tech requirements. So you go to Office 365 and try to purchase Microsoft's add-ons for Intune, for Power BI, or try to download the free CRM Outlook plug in... and what happens?

You get redirected to a GoDaddy login page and find out you are blocked from downloading plugins and Office 365 add-ons.

So, let's get unstuck, shall we?

No need to talk to sales!

Seriously, there are only two questions:

1. Do we need to only migrate emails from GoDaddy to Office 365, or do we also need to migrate your SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams?

2. How many people are we migrating?

That's it!

However, if you would like to have a deeper conversation regarding a migration or have some questions, please schedule a call with us.



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Relax and Let Us Handle It For You

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If you're curious about our customer's experience with our GoDaddy Migration Solution, check out these Case Studies:


Listen to Marcelo Oliver, Owner of Body Scientific (10 employees), talk about their experience with BEMO migrating from GoDaddy to Office 365.



Watch Interview


We interviewed Deborah Lopez, Executive Assistant at Evommune (19 employees), to hear about their experience with BEMO migrating them from GoDaddy to Office 365.

Watch Interview



Hear it straight from Chris, Co-Owner of 3 Reasons Consulting (23 employees) talk about his experience with BEMO migrating their data from GoDaddy to Office 365.


Watch Interview



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All Your GoDaddy Migration Insights In One Place!

Find all the details on BEMO's GoDaddy Migration by downloading our brief here.

Get a nice summary on how our solution takes care of all the files, contacts, calendar, emails, and general data migrations without any drama!

Let us handle this so that you can focus on doing business stress-free.

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Want to Give it a Try Yourself?

Check out our resources to learn how to do the migration on your own.

Step-by-Step Instructions Ebook

Thinking about doing your own GoDaddy to Office 365 migration? Checkout our written step-by-step guide, complete with the steps to successfully complete the pre-migration, the migration, and the post-migration.  Click to download! 📩


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Watch The GoDaddy Migration Webinar

Not a fan of reading the step-by-step instructions from above? No sweat, one of our awesome team members recorded and narrated an entire GoDaddy to Office 365 migration so that you can someone do it and see exactly what it looks like!




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