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Stop breaches across your organization

Why do hackers target your business?

Fortune 500 companies have the budgets to spend on fancy defense systems, making it difficult to hack their data. Small businesses, however, don't have that luxury, making your company an easy target. In fact, 61 percent of data breach victims are businesses with under 1,000 employees. And because you're not Sony or Equifax, you probably won't make headlines.
Hackers are probably attacking you now and unless you have the tools to monitor attacks and have someone watching, you'll never know if you were breached, or how. Most companies that come to us had one of their email accounts hacked, and then the hacker spammed their entire list of customers and employees. 😨
If you're the CEO you're super embarrassed to have let that happen, and then you're mad when more than a few of your customers leave you. If you're on the IT team you're embarrassed because everyone is blaming you for letting it happen, including the CEO, because they thought you had all the tools to prevent breaches from happening.
The worst part? Everyone loses because customers no longer want to do business with you and you have to pay someone $200+ an hour to fix this mess! Not to mention the loss of sleep and reputation to you and your company. You don't want to deal with that mess. Instead, take the easy road: get a preemptive plan in place. We make it really simple for you so you can get back to your business and wowing your clients. 😉


daily security incidents at SMBs


average cleanup cost for SMBs


of SMBs close within 6 months of breach

Cybersecurity Plans

BEMO cybersecurity protection packages are turnkey solutions that enable fast and reliable implementation of Microsoft security services along with ongoing support from BEMO to maintain and enhance your security over time.



Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Monthly Price

(10 seats minimum purchase with a 1-year contract)

$ 9

$ 25

$ 39

$ 55
Security Monitoring with Email Alerts
Email Security
Identity Security
Corporate Devices Security
Personal Devices (BYOD) Security
Document Security
Security Attestation Letter (see video below)
IT Security Handbook (see video below)
Annual Disaster Recovery Review + Handbook (see video below)
Annual Business Continuity Review + Handbook (see video below)
Quarterly IT Review with a vCISO
Quarterly IT Compliance Review
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Security Attestation Letter

A Security Attestation Letter is proof, in an official capacity, of your security status. As your cybersecurity team, we monitor, evaluate and protect your company's security environment. We are able to provide benchmarks, improvement scores, and validation of your security standing. Want to learn more? Watch this video with BEMO's Carol Bubar and check out the blog below 👇

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IT Security Handbook

How do you classify your data? 
How do you manage your data?
Most importantly: How do you protect your data? If your answer to these questions is 🤷‍♀️ you've come to the right place. An IT Security Handbook helps you create your company policies using best practices and BEMO as your guide. Watch the video to learn more!

Cybersecurity Cost Estimator

Build out an estimate below for a cybersecurity plan that meets your business's technology and budget needs.
(Estimates are based on a 1-year contract)




Annual Disaster Recovery Review + Handbook

What would your company do during a power outage? What's your disaster recovery plan? A disaster recovery plan is a proactive strategy around how you backup your data, at what frequency, and where. We work with you to create it and then...we test it! The best-laid plans must always be confirmed, right? Check out the video to learn more.


Business Continuity Plan + Handbook

Business continuity means that, when all else fails, your business doesn't. But, what we've learned from the videos above is that it takes some planning to become bulletproof. Who will be in charge of what? How will you get ahold of your team is there's an outage or emergency? All this and more are included in our Plan + Handbook. Learn more by watching this video 👉


Microsoft Licensing Requirements

Each cybersecurity plan requires different Microsoft licenses. The more security coverage you want the more tools we'll need you to buy. Below we've mapped out the required licenses you'll need based on the security coverage you're looking for.


Email Security

Do you get emails from people impersonating Apple or your bank, asking you to update your password? Many of these are obvious because hackers don't spend the time to spell check, but there are some really good ones even our trained eyes can't spot. That's why we equip you with Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which detects them and blocks them from your inbox, so you don' t have to worry about clicking a harmful link.

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Identity Security

Do you keep all your passwords in an excel spreadsheet? When you reset passwords, do you recycle between two or three that you can remember? Do you ever waste time having to reset passwords because either you or someone else in the company can't remember it? Well, all that is a thing of the past! Using a combination of Azure Identity Protection, and WebAuthn we can enable Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Single Sign-on (SSO), and password-less technology. Azure can even tell you when your current passwords are going up for sale on the dark web!

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Corporate Devices Security

Have you ever clicked or downloaded a file and ended up having to exit a ton of pop-ups? Ya, you've got malware... Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of Ransomware? Or maybe you lost your laptop or had it stolen. Disk Encryption with BitLocker and a dependable anti-virus like Microsoft Defender will make sure your files and secrets are kept safe.

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Personal Devices Security

Do you have apps for work on your personal devices? Most likely you do. But are the apps on your personal devices just as secure as the apps on your work devices? Intune mobile application management allows you to publish, push, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps for your users, securing all your apps no matter what device they are on.

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Document Security

Have you ever worked from a coffee shop or at the airport, connecting to their public Wi-FI? Those networks are really easy to monitor, so that file with patient data or excel spreadsheet with sensitive financial data is easily stolen. How about sharing a file with someone and not wanting to have it end up in the wrong hands? This is why we equip you with Azure Information Protection, protecting your documents from being read by people who shouldn't.

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IT Compliance

Does your business need to be IT compliant with any regulations? Do you tell your customers you're compliant, but have no way to actually back up that claim? We'll make sure your business is continuously IT compliant and will give you the documentation to prove it.

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