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Migrate from G Suite To Office 365

Save time and headaches with a seamless, white-glove migration of emails, files, contacts, and calendar items from Google Workspace to M365


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More power.
More security.
More support.
Make the switch today.

With Office 365, not only will you and your staff be more in tune with a familiar tool but when you need help, your Microsoft Certified Partner (like BEMO) will be there to help.

There's no denying that G-Suite is a sweet (we couldn't help ourselves 😉) deal. Yet as your company and its legal and security obligations grew, you outgrew G-Suite.

Thankfully, Microsoft excels (see what we did there?) in collaboration and providing a user friendly experience. Plus, with best-in-class security, tons of apps to choose from, and top-notch customer service, there's really no comparison. 

In this page, you'll find everything you need to know to switch from G-Suite to Office 365 on your own or have our pros handle it for you, while you relax.


What Gets Migrated to Office 365?

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G Suite to Office 365 Migration Cost Calculator

Don't want to talk to sales? Fill out our calculator to get your personalized quote. Ready...set...go!

Let's see how fast you can fill out this calculator. HINT: We bet it'll take you less than 2 minutes. Crazy, right?

 Still, if you'd prefer to speak to someone, please don't hesitate. 

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Find all the details on BEMO's G Suite to Office 365 Migration by downloading our brief here.

Find out why this is one of our most popular solutions. Get the answer to our most frequently asked questions on this service as well as a detailed timeline for each step of the journey.

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Want to Give it a Try Yourself?

Check out our resources to learn how to do the migration on your own 

Step-by-Step Instructions Ebook

Yours for the taking (no email required). Your migration journey begins with one click. Click to download 📩 If you're pretty technical or work in IT, all you'll need are these step-by-step instructions to move your people from G Suite to Office 365.

Note: Don't forget that after migrating you need to properly secure your new tenant. We have some expert tips for you on that topic here👉 "Top 3 Post-Migration Security Measures for Your New Microsoft Tenant"



Watch The G-Suite Migration Webinar

If you're more of a fan of video, you're in luck! Watch as we take you through an actual G Suite to Office 365 migration! Follow along with step-by-step instructions from your Ebook above! 




Updates, Tips and Expert Guidance

Visit our blog to read all about Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 

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