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Everything You Need To Be Secure Without Moving Into Compliance


BEMO's Diamond Cybersecurity takes everything you love about our Gold Package and adds even more defenses to your arsenal.


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The Stats:



of cyber attacks target SMBs


average cost of a data breach


of SMBs close within 6 months of breach

BEMO Silver Cybersecurity: The Best Security You can Get Without Thinking about Compliance

We know you take security seriously. You've seen your company mature and outgrow the basics of email, identity, and device security. But you're not ready to dive into the intricacies of compliance yet.

We've got you! Diamond protects you on all fronts and gets you ready before even thinking of compliance.

Why Choose BEMO's Diamond?

When you choose BEMO, you gain the advantage of our expert team who will ensure a proper initial configuration. We stay ahead of the game by following best practices, keeping up with the latest policies and features, and going beyond the security defaults to boost your Secure Score. 



BEMO Support Desk

Get world-class technical support from a small team who won't put you on hold for an hour

Zero-Trust Architecture

We proactively update your security configuration according to Microsoft best practices and changes, to shore up any gaps in your defenses

Ongoing Updates & Maintenance

Constant monitoring for threats and system updates to align with Microsoft's best practices and latest technology

Ready to Build Your Cybersecurity Fortress?

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Find all the details on BEMO's Diamond Cybersecurity Plan by downloading our brief here.

Get the answer to our most frequently asked questions on this cybersecurity plan as well as a nice summary on how our framework goes beyond protection features to take action and safe your company, in the rare case of a breach.


BEMO's Diamond Cybersecurity FAQs

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Billed Monthly, Annual Contract
Month-to-Month, No Contract
Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Monthly Price

(10 seats minimum purchase, 20 for Platinum package)

$ 9
$ 10.8

$ 25
$ 30

$ 39
$ 46.80

$ 55
$ 66

$ 99
$ 118.90
Security Monitoring with Email Alerts
Receive email alerts on suspicious activities identified on your network **Managed IT required for BEMO to be responsible for resolution
Email Security
Protects your emails against malicious email attachments, phishing links, spam, and spoofing. It also comes with an email encryption service to protect sensitive content.
Identity Security
Securing identities is a key component of the Zero Trust security model. Ensure that identities are monitored and protected and only employees are accessing your company resources.
Corporate Devices Security
Centrally manage and secure company-owned laptops, PCs, tablets, phones through Intune Mobile Device Management
Personal Devices (BYOD) Security
Manage and protect your company data within an application on personal mobile unmanaged devices (BYOD). Publish, push, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps
Document Security
Have full control over who can access documents and read the contents. Mitigate against the threats of employee accidental sharing of sensitive information or malicious theft of confidential information through data classification, automatic encryption, and policies for data loss prevention.
Guest Management Security
Provide guest users a secure and monitored access to collaborate using Sharepoint, OneDrive or Teams with limitations to prevent data leads (download, cut/copy, print) and auto remove guest access after a period of inactivity
Security Attestation Letter
BEMO will provide official proof of your security status on a quarterly basis.
Network Security
Cloud App Security
Know which apps are really being used both on and off your corporate network. Protect against the risk of Shadow IT and sophisticated threat
Insider Risk Security
Quarterly Business & Security Review
Company Incident Response Plan
Configuration Control Security
Ensure that the security settings and features of your information systems are consistent and compliant with policies and standards. Monitor and protect against unauthorized changes to a system's configuration.
Managed Threat Detection and Response
Help contain threats early in the kill chain, leveraging Sentinel (SIEM) and BEMO's Security Operations Center Team
Vulnerability Management
Secure your environments from critical and known vulnerabilities by Microsoft that could be exploited by attackers, including third party applications in Intune **Manage IT required for BEMO to be responsible for all vulnerability patching beyond critical
Patching Vulnerability Management
Patching 3rd Party Applications
3rd Party Prevention Tools
Skykick Cloud Backup, KnowBe4 - Awareness Training & Keeper Security (Password Vault)

*If you have frontline workers, you may be eligible for licenses at a discounted rate. Please contact sales for more information.

**20 user minimum is required for deployment of the BEMO Platinum Cybersecurity package

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Who is BEMO?

BEMO is a Seattle-based Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner that specializes in making compliance, IT, cybersecurity, and cloud migrations a breeze for small & midsized organizations across the U.S. Our team is built of seasoned Microsoft Experts, including our Co-Founders who are long-time Microsoft alumni.

Learn more about who we are and what we do here.

accolades updated august 2023 (1)
BEMO was recommended to me and I am very glad that I had them to guide me. Knowing their expertise and capability, I will continue to engage them in the future for network and cyber security needs or issues. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for solutions in these areas, they are exceptionally competent, trusting and reliable.
Carlton W.
Anyone working with BEMO will find that the team is as responsive, accommodating, and dedicated as they come. I look forward to working with BEMO every time I get the chance, and cannot wait to connect more in the future.
Bryce B.
BEMO has been a great partner and one of the best recommendations I've ever gotten for a software/computing company.
Tim A.

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