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Managed IT

Let our Microsoft experts take care of the complex stuff so you can get back to business

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Managed IT has changed...

You're overwhelmed.

Your employees have high expectations from their technology. The days when IT simply meant a part-time person managing file and email servers are long gone.

Simply put: It's not 2006 anymore.

Your employees are demanding to work from anywhere on any device, using their 100+ SaaS tools. Without having to remember any passwords.

While all that is nice, it's becoming pretty overwhelming for one person to manage, and it's impossible for one person to have the breadth of knowledge to do all this stuff!


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Let us take a load off of you!


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We're here to make your life less stressful by augmenting your team and getting you back on track.

You've been so heads-down in the day-to-day that you haven't been able to look ahead. We're going to help you by creating a long-term plan for you, training your employees on how to actually use their technology, enabling cybersecurity defenses, and handling some of those tickets so that you can breathe again!

Sound good? Learn more below 👇

Why Microsoft? It's the Ultimate Unified IT Ecosystem

They are the only company in the world that offers solutions for a complete IT vertical, starting from the Operating System all the way up to cloud computing. That means all of your technology is fully integrated and everything IT + Security is managed in a single portal. Plus you save a ton of money when everything is bundled into the same technology.


Why BEMO? Navigate Microsoft 365 with Confidence!

There is so much going on in Microsoft 365. In fact, we're pretty sure you and your employees don't even know half of what you can do with it.

As a company that runs entirely on Microsoft, we're going to make sure that you are successful with all the available tools!



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Managed IT Services

We are now offering Managed IT with our Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Cybersecurity packages.

Annual commit
No commit
Managed IT Managed IT 24/5 Managed IT 24/7
Billed Monthly, Annual Commitment
$ 55
$ 66

$ 75
$ N/A

$ 125
$ 150
Office 365 Technical Support
Line of Business Apps Technical Support
Need help with things like QuickBooks Server, Adobe Create Cloud, and other line of business apps that need to be supported, we've got your back.
Managed Networking
While we have a strong preference for CISCO Meraki, as long as you have networking gear that we think is up to date, we'll manage it for you.
Cybersecurity Breach Response Support
The foundation of smooth sailing Managed IT is having a strong security foundation. We will be configuring our Diamond Cybersecurity plan to ensure you have the very best we have to offer.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Your CSM will be your IT Advisor and will be building out your long term plan and then meeting with you on a monthly-basis to ensure your are successful and everything is going according to plan. Our CSMs are often very technical and have years of IT experience.
Quarterly IT & Compliance Review
Each quarter, you will have an IT and compliance review with a vCISO.
8AM to 8PM EST, Monday through Friday
24 hours, 7 days a week
Web Chat, Email, or Phone
Monthly Payments + No Annual Contracts
That's right, our Managed IT subscription is like Netflix or Hulu, there's no commitment, so you can cancel anytime. That means we have to immediately show you value, month after month.
Consolidated Billing
You will receive one consolidated bill that includes all of your Office 365 licenses, Cybersecurity plan, Managed IT plan, and anything else you buy from us.
Payment via Credit Card or ACH

*If you have frontline workers, you may be eligible for licenses at a discounted rate. Please contact sales for more information.

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How do we work with you?

A happy experience with Managed IT starts with the right foundation. We know that you're looking to hire a company to "just offload my tickets", but we're here to tell you... we want to do more than just handle your tickets.

Besides taking full advantage of our help desk service, we provide security maintenance and monitoring, meaning that in the rare case of a breach, we'll fix the issue for you.
Click here to learn more about our monitoring and alerting solution, and the benefits unlocked with Managed IT.

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You're hiring us to make your employees more productive and your business more agile and with our years of experience, we'll do just that.

Through BEMO's Managed IT services, streamline the onboarding and offboarding processes with a seamless and secure touch, ensuring the provision and removal of user access to your invaluable data. Your business operations will experience a new level of smoothness and reliability under our expert guidance.

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Optional, awesome add-ons

Make the most out of all the available Microsoft features. Just say the word and we'll handle it for you 😉

Teams Phone with Calling

($15 user/month)

Windows Virtual Desktop

($109 user/month)

Storyals: Coach-led M365 Training

($ customized)

*must have a minimum of 20 users

Perimeter 81: Virtual Private Network

($15 user/month)

cloud backup

Skykick: Cloud Backup for M365

($6 user/month)

cloud printing

Printix: Cloud-based Print Server

($3 user/month)

password vault

Keeper: Password Manager

($15 user/month)

What Are Others Saying?

Check out how happy our customers are with their BEMO Managed IT experience. Click on the images to read the case studies.


I've been a BEMO customer for over 10 years. Speedy response to tickets, personal emails when needed to help with issues, and the super simple way I can add to my licenses and be up and running with a new user in minutes
Cindy L.
I cannot speak highly enough about the entire BEMO team! Anyone working with them will find that the team is as responsive, accommodating, and dedicated as they come.
Bryce B.
Choosing BEMO is like pushing the "easy" button. BEMO's professionalism, and ability to work well and in harmony with other companies, makes them a top referral for me.
Daniel H.



Who is BEMO?

BEMO is a Redmond-based Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner  that specializes in making compliance, IT, cybersecurity, and cloud migrations a breeze for small & midsized organizations across the U.S.

Our team is built of seasoned Microsoft Experts, including our Co-Founders who are long-time Microsoft alumni. Learn more about who we are and what we do here.


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