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At BEMO, we've built our company completely remotely, thanks entirely to Microsoft 365 and Azure. We are a testament to how small and medium-sized businesses can successfully go mobile. No matter where our people are in the world, we use Teams for collaboration, Project Online to manage our implementations, Power BI to manage all metrics, Office 365 for all of our work, OneNote for our internal Knowledge Base, Stream for employee training, and obviously all of the security tools in the Microsoft arsenal! We cannot thank Microsoft enough for the freedom we get from being able to work from anywhere in the world!

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Bruno Lecoq


Bruno lives in WA (by way of France) but loves a warmer clime for his vacations; Bora Bora and Sydney top his list of favorite locales. He's a huge fan of soccer, espresso (his pup, whom you might recognize from our chat, is even named Mocha) and his two kids (can you spot his lookalike?)

In his off time, you can find him at his flying lessons.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Joel Lachance - BEMO

Joel Lachance


Joel grew up and attended university in Canada before moving to the U.S. He is the proud father of his 8-year old trilingual (!) daughter. Joel has traveled and lived in South East Asia and loves the perspective travel provides. Currently, Joel is focused on growing our BEMO team. As for hobbies, Joel enjoys carpentry and playing the electric guitar.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Harpreet Singh - BEMO

Harpreet Singh

Implementation Engineer

Harpreet lives in India with his family and Golden Labrador. He's a night owl who wants to travel the world. First stop? America. Harpreet loves seeing local and touring bands on the weekends. His nickname means "Happiness" which we think is very fitting.

Hapreet is currently working on digging deeper into Office 365, Azure and Intune.

πŸ“ Chandigarh, India

Brandon Lecoq - BEMO

Brandon Lecoq

Director of Sales

While working remotely over the last 4+ years, Brandon has lived in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Vail ski resort, and most major U.S. cities. Brandon grew up in Seattle but left after his undergrad years at the University of Washington. He spends his free time reading and skiing.

Brandon is working on his PhD in Microsoft licensing.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA

Cata Alaci - BEMO

Catalin Alaci

Implementation Engineer

Cata was born in Bucharest and now resides in WA. He's passionate about cooking (and loves pasta), which is good as he has two teenagers under his roof (one human, one of the German Shorthaired Pointer variety). If he could swap places with anyone for a day, it would be an astronaut which is fitting since his next item on his bucket list is to learn to fly.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA

Mohamed Sekrane - BEMO

Mohamed Sekrane

Implementation Engineer

Mohamed was born in Algeria. raised in Lybia, and got his first taste of the workforce as a Flight Simulator Instructor in the French Air Force. He's lived in Bulgaria now for 3 years and takes nightly walks with his 6 feline friends (whom he must trust because if he could be any animal, he'd be a bird). In his off time, he writes music, making both the beats and lyrics.

πŸ“ Sofia, Bulgaria

Julia Chester - Inbound Marketer

Julia Chester

Inbound Marketer

Julia joins our team via the wilds of Alaska where she lives with her husband and their Malamute pup. A California native, she's been developing her AK green thumb. She loves all things outdoors and also enjoys the company of a good book and a cup of tea.

Julia is working on writing a book based on her blog about life in rural Alaska.

πŸ“ McCarthy, USA

Carol Bubar - BEMO

Carol Bubar

Director of Customer Services

Carol is a Northwesterner, through and through. She’s a University of Washington grad (go Dawgs!) and her favorite place in the world is the Oregon coast (though she hopes her next passport stamp will be from New Zealand). Carol spends her off time quilting and gardening and has been known to create epic, award-winning Christmas light displays.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Josh Franklin - BEMO

Josh Franklin

Account Executive

Josh lives in Houston, where he was born and raised but when traveling, his favorite place to visit is Cabo San Lucas. He's a night owl who loves strong coffee and sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. He's also always up for a food challenge (ask him about it, you won't be disappointed).

Currently, Josh is working on getting the "quadfecta" of Microsoft certifications.

πŸ“ Houston, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Domonic Lastoria - BEMO

Domonic Lastoria

Customer Success Manager

Domonic comes to us by way of his hometown of Cincinnati. He's a proud father to his 7-year old son who's his carbon copy and has a pint-sized pup bestie named KODA.

Domonic has always been an athlete. Out of the office, you can find him training for events like Tough Mudders and Spartan Warrior races.

For his next vacation? Italy and Alaska, hands down.

πŸ“ Cincinnati, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Sakshi Tomar square

Sakshi Tomar

Technical Support Engineer

Sakshi is BEMO's first hire solely dedicated to your Technical Support needs! Sakshi joins the team from India. She is an avid traveler and while she loves a beachy vacation, the mountains are her favorite place on earth.

Sakshi loves dogs, hates slow internet and is a darn good cook (though you might not know it since it is her hidden talent!). Currently, Sakshi is learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube.

πŸ“ Chandigarh, India

Christophe Headshot

Christophe Koehl

Director of Implementation

Christophe lives in Seattle, (by way of Strasbourg, France) with his family. He is a huge fan of the outdoors and never misses a chance to climb a mountain! Given the chance, he'd love to switch places for a day with someone at the International Space Station.

In his downtime, you can find Christophe foraging for mushrooms, skiing, hiking, DIY-ing or playing video or board games.

πŸ“ Seattle, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Sylwia Chmielweski

Sylwia Chmielewska

Director of People

Sylwia lives in Washington state (by way of Poland where she went to Law School!) with her husband and their two kiddos plus two pets: Sparkly the fish and Coco the bunny (who has quite the impressive following on Instagram!).

Sylwia loves getting creative with art and food. "I am passionate about painting. It helps me relax and be more creative in other aspects of my life."

πŸ“ Seattle, USA

Lauren Headshot-1

Lauren MacBlane

Customer Sucess Manager

Lauren is an avid cyclist who loves long rides and hill-climbing! Lauren hails from Richmond, Virginia where she lives with her perfect pup, Eloise.

In addition to her pooch, Lauren is also the mom of 19-year old twin daughters. Her favorite family tradition with them is to watch as they hang ornaments on the family Christmas tree.

πŸ“ Richmond, Virginia

Cindy Oliveto Headshot

Cindy Oliveto

Director of Operations & Chief of Staff

Cindy joins us from Texas where she lives with her husband. She is an avid traveler and has traveled to 39 different countries and 37 different states! One of her favorite things to do during her travels? Ziplining!

When not traveling, you can find Cindy reading a great book or hanging with her dog, Fia.

πŸ“ Texas, USA
βœ… Ex-Microsoft

Diego Godoy

Diego Godoy

Implementation Engineer

Diego lives in Santiago, Chile by way of Venezuela. Diego loves all things technology, sports, travel, videogames, and...his dogs! He has two Schnauzers, Sascha and Shuito.

Diego's favorite place on earth is his hometown of Maracaibo but next on his bucket list? Greece and Egypt. And...he hopes to see some great music in his travel too. Preferably his favorite artist, David Guetta.

πŸ“ Santiago, Chile

Joseph square

Joseph Candelario

Product & Partner Marketing Specialist

Joseph lives in Houston, Texas with his cat Luna. He's worked in everything from Personal Training and Supply Chain Management to Marketing and brings a wide range of skills to our team. Joseph is a self-described "homebody" who also loves to travel. Next on his list? Italy and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Joseph is passionate about seeing how things work. His latest passion is working on his car.

πŸ“ Houston, USA

Ademar Amorim

Ademar Amorim

Project & Documentation Manager

Ademar joins us all the way from Brazil, but if he could live anywhere, it'd probably have to be Lido di Jesolo, Italy. He's a huge fan of travel and experiencing new cultures and has the secret talent of being able to memorize different flags and capitols.

Another not-so-secret talent? Art. Ademar is a talented illustrator and has worked as a freelance artist in the past!

πŸ“ Dourados, Brazil

nina cullen

Nina Cullen

Director of Customer Success and Support

Nina lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and 3 kids and is a major nature-lover.

In her down time, she loves homesteading and working as a non-profit volunteer at Vlada's Seeds of life where she can focus her passion of gardening and cooking towards a positive family life.

But that's not all...when the kids go to bed, Nina still loves to hop on for a dose of gaming!

πŸ“ Wildomar, CA

Team Member Square Headshots

Daleska Sanchez

Technical Support Engineer

Daleska joins us from Managua, Nicuragua. She loves traveling to new places and discovering beaches, volcanoes, lakes, and beautiful cities.

Aside from traveling, Daleska enjoys spending time with family and friends, including her adorable rescue cat Isa.

Her favorite place in the world? Anywhere as long as her cats are with her.

πŸ“Managua, Nicaragua

Team Member Square Headshots (1)

Jenna Jacobs

Marketing Intern

Jenna lives in the Fargo-Moorhead area where she currently attends school at Concordia College studying English Writing.

In her free time, she enjoys biking and hammocking (and avoiding the outdoors during the cold winter!), discovering new coffee shops, spending time with her friends, and taking care of her many houseplants.

πŸ“Moorhead, Minnesota


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