Microsoft Gold Partner for Small and Medium Buinesses

Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in cloud migrations, cybersecurity, managed IT for businesses with 20 to 200 employees












We leverage the Microsoft security stack to protect your employees' identity, email, devices, and documents from being breached and having to deal with the stress, loss of money, and reputation


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We can migrate just about anything to Microsoft 365 and Azure. We'll migrate your emails, files, phone system, web servers, application servers, databases, and anything else you can think of


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Managed IT

Don't have someone to do your IT? We can do it for you or augment the team you already do have. We're going to train your users how to use Microsoft 365, simplify all your tech, and handle your tickets


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You can buy Microsoft 365 and more from our store

It all starts with a simple self-service store where our customers buy Microsoft 365 licenses, Microsoft add-ons, CISCO Meraki, manage their billing etc... Unlike Microsoft who will send you an invoice for every product you buy, we'll send you one consolidated bill. 


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Month-to-Month Billing

Our 300+ customers pay us month-to-month and can leave anytime, which means we have to constantly deliver you value

no annual contracts

No Annual Contracts

We don't try to trap you in 12-month contracts, people stay with us because they actually like us not because they have a contract with us

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Cybersecurity Monitoring

Does your IT partner really have your back? We monitor all our customers for cyber-attacks and notify you when they happen

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High Customer Rating

We publish our Net Promoter Score, our Technical Support Score so that you can see how we're doing before you switch to us


What are the odds your business will get hacked?

We've created a 20-questions quiz that takes less than 5 minutes to answer. You will immediately receive your results (no email required) for how secure your company is, along with specifics about where your company could improve! So you'll know whether it was your lack of email security or something else like your lack of document security that is making you vulnerable! If anything, it'll really get you thinking!


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We're SO transparent

Seriously, here's just one example of our very public pricing all around our website. We don't want you to have to call us to figure out what IT services cost... just show me the pricing page! You'll find quote builders and cost calculators for everything from one-time migration fees, to our cybersecurity services, managed IT, and all the Office 365 licenses.


Why are our customers so happy? Because our people are happy

When you get 4 weeks vacation, 3 months of paid sabbatical every five years, amazing healthcare, paid parental leave, awesome 401k match etc... you get happy, healthy people who work for us for a long time, creating a positive work environment, and very happy customers!


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The best Microsoft Partner to work for

Meet the team you'll be working with

With nearly 50 percent of our people being Microsoft alumni and over 80 percent having worked for Microsoft or another Microsoft Partner, you can be certain we know IT and the Microsoft stack, eyes closed.


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Why are IT companies so bad at writing helpful content?

Most IT companies have horrendous blogs... they are max 500 words, they don't answer any of your questions, no videos or podcasts, and they use the worst stock images! Our blog is way different. We take the time to write helpful content, produce step-by-step videos, and really take the time to answer those questions you are googling!


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