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3 Easy Steps To A Secure & Productive Workplace


Step 1 - Consolidate Your Cloud

You're probably using a ton of different cloud solutions: one for email, another for audio conferencing, a third for your firewall etc... it's hard to to keep track of all the different accounts you have, how much you're paying for all of them, and they don't all integrate together. It's hard to work securely and productively when you're using so many services, that's why we recommend consolidating as much as you can to Office 365 and Azure, because they do nearly everything!


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Step 2 - Calculate Your Cyber Risk

Now that you've consolidated your various productivity tools and have more clarity and control over all the tools you use, it's time to determine your degree of risk of a security breach. Take our 23-question assessment to calculate your organization's cyber risk.


Cyber Risk Calculator


Step 3 - Choose Your Security Coverage

Now that you have calculated your risk and know where your organization is vulnerable to a security breach, find a plan that satisfies your needs and budget.


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