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Does BEMO have the best benefits out of any Microsoft Partner?

Does BEMO have the best benefits out of any Microsoft Partner?

Here’s some food for thought: We spend 33% or more of our time during the week at work. Assuming you sleep 8 hours a night, that’s HALF of your waking time M-F.

All that to say, our careers are big parts of our lives, and we dedicate a tremendous amount of our valuable time & effort for the benefit of our company. Don’t you think your company should recognize that & strive to go above and beyond just cutting you a paycheck every 2 weeks?

At BEMO, we do.

We care deeply about our people and aim to deliver truly stellar benefits to take care of them physically and mentally so that they can be the best they can be and live happy, fulfilling lives.

It’s no wonder we have an employee satisfaction score of 76 (for reference: a score of 50 is considered "excellent" 😉 - see below for how that was calculated:) and are set to hire over 11 new team members over the next half of the year.

bemo 2022 enps score

And in case you were wondering, here's how we stack up to several other companies you're probably familiar with:

bemo enps

We firmly believe that we offer the best benefits out of any Microsoft Partner, and here’s why:

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We're 100% Remote

First, the obvious: We're a 100% remote company and have been long before remote work was cool or the norm.

No more long commutes in traffic, dusty cubicles, or annoying fluorescent lights giving you a headache. 

Here at BEMO, we work from the comfort of our own home, a local coffee shop, or community workspace. Whatever helps us to perform our best work. All at our own pace. 

Our team is made up of people all over the world and is one of the most interesting and exciting parts about working for BEMO.

That doesn't mean we feel alone though. We still stay connected and cultivate a strong work culture via the power of Teams, virtual events, and company meet-ups, so you get all the pros without the cons.

Holiday Party-1

Paid Time Off

Here at BEMO, we work hard, but we certainly know how to play hard, too. We believe that balance is crucial and have several key policies for time off that foster that.

For starters, all full-time team members get 20 days of paid vacation every year. Yes, a full work month! And there is no roll-over, so you’re strongly encouraged to take your paid time off.

Paid Holidays

On top of that, our US team enjoys 10 paid holidays (6 US + 4 global) every year. For our team members outside of the US, they get to enjoy the 4 global holidays in addition to their country’s respective holidays.

Paid Sabbatical

And as if that wasn't enough, for every 5 years you spend with us, you get to take an entire 3 month paid sabbatical. How sweet is that?


Guilt-Free Sick Days

A lot of companies combine sick time with vacation time or set a limit on how many days you can call out sick.

We don’t!

If you’re feeling unwell, take the time off and get the rest and recovery you need without worrying about canceling your vacation plans or being in a PTO deficit.

Awesome Insurance

Of course, there's also what most people think of when it comes to benefit: insurance. Let's do a quick rundown based on where we stand at the time of writing this post:

Medical: We will pay 75% of your monthly premium, and international team members are reimbursed accordingly. Yes, there's family plans too! These plans are provided by Aetna and Kaiser (California only).

Vision and Dental: Just like medical, we'll take care of 75% of your premium.

Life Insurance: You'll get $50,000 worth of life insurance for free with the option to gain more with your own monthly premium.

All of these insurance benefits are conveniently managed by Rippling and make the user-experience simple and easy. 

In addition to all of that, our company sponsor, EAP, can assist any US team member with personal and/or work-related issues that may impact their job performance, health, or mental and emotional well-being.

And because we know how much of a headache insurance can be sometimes, our partner, Rightway, can help you with any insurance claims or in finding a doctor in network and other tasks. 

Needless to say, we've got you covered!

Your Own Home (or Mobile) Office

carol desk view

Of course, what good is working remotely if you don't have the tools you need to succeed? 

We'll get you hooked up with a brand new laptop, two monitors, and $500 for other gear to set-up your home workspace. 

Pictured above is our very own Carol's work set-up. What a view!

Expense Account

Trust is huge for us, so we'll give you a company credit card from Ramp to take care of any home office expenses, continued education materials, or other BEMO purchases. 


Unless you plan on working forever, you're going to need a retirement plan.

At BEMO, we offer a 100% match for the first 3% contribution to your 401k and then 50% of the next 2%. 

We use Guideline for our 401k and this applies to US team members only.

Profit Sharing

At the end of the year, we distribute 20% of our profits amongst all our staff.

You help us grow, so you should enjoy some of that success!

Team work makes the dream work!

Julia meets the team

Parental Leave

Last but certainly not least, we have parental leave.

Whenever you or your partner welcome a new baby to the family, we encourage you to take 12 weeks of paid leave.

This is intended to allow team members to have paid time off to bond with their newborn, newly adopted, or newly placed foster child before returning to work. 


To wrap up, at BEMO we offer some pretty awesome benefits to our global team. Judge for yourself, but we feel we offer the best benefits out of any Microsoft Partners out there, and you wanna know the best part? They're only going to keep getting better!

See this post for more details on what's to come and if you'd like to join our team, see our current openings here and the new ones opening soon below:

  • Customer Project Manager
  • Customer Success Associate
  • Evangelist, Azure Infrastructure
  • Evangelist, Microsoft Modern Work
  • Evangelist, Microsoft Security & Compliance
  • Implementation Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Operations Project Manager
  • Revenue Operations Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Software Developer

We hope to see you apply!


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