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Computer Security


Lock Up Your Devices!

There is so much garbage on the internet, making it so easy to pollute your company's computers with nasty malware. It's no joke these days either; some bad people are developing programs like ransomware (which holds your computer hostage until you pay hackers in crypto-currency), keystroke tracking, and computer-camera hijacking, to name a few. 

Having your hard drive encrypted coupled by solid anti-malware is a foundation to good security that IT people have been talking about for years. With encryption via BitLocker or Azure Disk Encryption, coupled by Windows Defender ATP, you don't have to worry about ransomware because all of your files are in the cloud (thanks to OneDrive 😉) and are kept secret! 


malware samples spread per day


devices compromised by ransomware monthly


devices attacked by WannaCrypt cryptoworm

What can I do about it?

It's surprising how many companies don't have automated backups, encrypted hard drives, or up-to-day anti-malware. We're constantly shocked when prospective clients with 200 to 300 employees are running 10+ year old servers or haven't backed up any of their data. These foundational precautions are akin to not wearing a seat belt in a car. Unfortunately, these steps are a lot more complicated than buckling your seat belt 😪. Not to worry, the engineers at BEMO implement a computer protection strategy using Microsoft's tools described below. We continuously tweak our configurations as your needs change and new malware is developed. e do all the dirty work for you, and in no time your company will be 100% up to date with the latest computer defenses.


Computer Security Pricing


Windows BitLocker

BitLocker encrypts your hard drive so that even if your computers are lost or stolen, no one would be able to access its contents. The service is offered by Microsoft for free and only takes a few minutes to install. Watch the video below to check out how it's done!




Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) 

Not to be confused with Office 365 ATP (thanks Microsoft for the confusing naming conventions), Windows Defender works at the operating system level to detect breaches, investigate them, and respond automatically using machine learning and analytics to contain attacks on your computers. The dashboard will give your IT team insights into the types of malware detected, on which devices, and will tell you the users most at risk of attacks. Coupled by the intelligence aggregated from Microsoft's 1 billion devices using Windows, your anti-virus will continuously get smarter. Watch the video below to see Heike Ritter of the Windows team demo this tool in granular detail in a concise 5-minute video.



Azure Disk Encryption

Many companies have more than just devices to protect, but servers as well. And people tend to think that servers are automatically updated and protected by Microsoft, when in reality there is continuous maintenance work to be done. Some of this maintenance includes endpoint protection installation, missing scan data, OS vulnerabilities, system updates, disk encryption updates, and vulnerability assessment solution installation. Azure makes it really easy to drill down which virtual machines are at risk for attacks, including history of attacks on those servers. Watch the video for more details.



Computer Security Pricing