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bemo nps csat

3 min read

Does your Microsoft Partner make their NPS and CSAT public?

At BEMO, transparency is our middle name. It’s one of our core values and one that we encourage and cultivate every day in our team. Countless times,...

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GoDaddy customer service email

5 min read

GoDaddy customer service email: Tired of waiting for a reply?

Office 365... You know your company needs it, but you don't know where to purchase it from. You already purchase your domain and website through...

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7 min read

All of Your Post-Email Migration Questions for Office 365, Answered

If you're reading this blog, congratulations are certainly in order! You've completed your email migration and are all set to move forward with the...

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difference between local storage and cloud storage

4 min read

Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

In recent years, public perception of cloud technology has gone from being a “nice to have”, to a "need to have". It's seen as an essential for many...

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office 365 migration questions

7 min read

Your Top 8 Office 365 Migration Questions, Answered (+ Pricing)

If the words "Email Migration" strike fear into your heart, you're not alone. Many of our customers find email migrations to be, at best,...

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Office 365 migration from Gmail

4 min read

How to Migrate Your Gmail, G Suite or IMAP Contacts and Calendars to Office 365: A Step-By-Step Guide

At BEMO, migrations are our expertise. Every day, we perform assessments and migrations and we take great pleasure in helping our customers...

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8 min read

Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration: A Step-by-Step Guide from Our Pros

If there is one thing that gets an IT professional’s heart pumping, it’s being asked to be part of a migration.  From the planning and testing to the...

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