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13 min read

How to remove Office 365 from GoDaddy (+ more tips and tricks)

You've started your business, you've bought your domain and just as you're about to checkout from GoDaddy you get an offer: Office 365 for cheaper than Microsoft even sells it! You click Add to Cart and boom! You're off to the races. And for a while,...

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5 min read

GoDaddy customer service email: Tired of waiting for a reply?

Office 365... You know your company needs it, but you don't know where to purchase it from. You already purchase your domain and website through GoDaddy, and you know that they offer Office 365 licenses, but is purchasing through them really the best...

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2 min read

Buying GoDaddy Office 365: Why It's A Trap!

You may have registered your small business with your local government, but it’s not until you have a website that things really feel real, right?

So, how do you make the launch of your small business really official? You hit the internet and learn how...

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12 min read

How to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365: Step-By-Step Guide

The most common migration we do at BEMO is moving customers from GoDaddy to Office 365. We know the masses can't be migrating just because we are really good at them (we are). So, why are so many businesses moving from GoDaddy? Often, the story goes a...

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