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Welcome Ademar Amorim, BEMO's First Hire of 2022!

What better way to bring in the New Year than to announce BEMO's first hire of 2022, Ademar Amorim!

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Top 9 Cybersecurity Tips for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but it burned in one." - classic Italian saying

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Microsoft's Office 365 price increases in 2022: What you need to know

"Microsoft to increase prices for Microsoft 365 in 2022". Maybe you've seen it in the headlines lately or perhaps this is the first time you're hearing about it. Either way, I doubt anyone clicked their heels as they jumped for joy upon hearing it. Price...

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How do I purchase Windows 7 ESU 2022? Plus: What does Win 7 ESU cost?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! How so? If you're thinking hot cocoa and mittens and gifts galore you're way off! No, my friend, it's the most wonderful time of the year because it's time to buy Windows 7 ESU updates again. Did I just hear your...

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Welcome, Joseph Candelario, BEMO's Fifth Hire of 2021!

The Marketing Team, which until this fall was a team of one, is growing by leaps and bounds! Come September, we were lucky enough to add Steve Gershik as our VP of Marketing and now we are welcoming our first ever Product and Partner Marketing...

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Welcome Diego Godoy, BEMO's Fourth Hire of 2021

Please join us in welcoming Diego Godoy as our newest BEMO Team member! Diego specializes in Intune and Microsoft 365 Security and will be joining our Implementation Team, led by Christophe Koehl.  He will be joining us from Santiago, Chile! A little...
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Business Continuity Plan Checklist

Business Continuity. It sounds important, doesn't it? It seems like a no-brainer essential and if you agree, you're not wrong. Business Continuity is important, it is a no-brainer essential element to a successful business but...what is it exactly and...

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Top 5 Small Business Marketing and Branding Techniques to Grow Your Business

by Steve Gershik @sgersh

Steve Gershik is a three-time founder of small businesses and an experienced technology marketing executive for over 20 years. He’s BEMO’s new Vice President of Marketing.

Top 5 Small Business Marketing and Branding Techniques...

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IT Security Policy: Why You Need One (+How to Create Yours)

What's your company's security policy? How do you classify your data? How do you manage your data? Most importantly: How do you protect your data? If these questions leave you wanting to pull an ostrich and bury your head in the ground, come on up for...

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Should I upgrade to Windows 11? Not yet. Here's why.


Windows 11 upgrade

If you’ve been reading the news (where Microsoft is concerned, at least) you’ll know they’ve been pretty amped to share their newest OS (Operating System) Windows 11. The hype campaign for brand new OS has been everywhere but…does it...

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How to stop email spoofing

Have you ever received an email just couldn't quite tell if it was real? Your heart began to beat just a little faster as you decided if you should click on the link. I mean, on the one hand, it was from your boss. On the other, it was your...

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Security Attestation: What is it? Do I need it? + Free template

Do you know where you stand in terms of your security status?*Gulp*If you just cried a little wondering a.) what I'm talking about and b.) if you're in big-time trouble, dry your eyes. We've got you covered. This blog will explain all you need to know...

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