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2 min read

Welcome Carol Bubar, BEMO's Fourth Hire of 2020!

Welcome to BEMO, Carol! Carol Bubar has joined BEMO as our newest team member and we couldn't be happier. Carol works as our Operational Excellence Manager, ensuring that BEMO runs as beautifully as a Swiss watch. Carol will be working closely with the ...

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7 min read

9 Tips for Meeting with Microsoft Teams

If you’re using Teams and you’re like me, you’re discovering new things about it every day. Microsoft has been a busy bee since the release of Teams and even more so since 2020 became the year of working from home. While there is certainly shiny and new...

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6 min read

SharePoint vs. OneDrive (What's the Difference Again?)

Cloud computing is becoming more and more common. Everywhere we look it's cloud this and cloud that, and understandably so, because with the cloud, access is unlimited. When you use the cloud, you can access your data and work on documents from ANYWHERE...

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6 min read

10 Challenges of Managing Your Virtual Team (and 10 WFH Solutions)

Whether you're starting a remote company from scratch or you're trying to transform your current business into running more smoothly while people work from home, you'll find that operating a remote company has different challenges than a traditional...
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