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Identity Security


The fastest way to make your whole company happy

Most employees have separate passwords for every account, from apps they use to their email, to their computer login. For the employee it's a pain because they can never remember all of them, so they're constantly wasting their time clicking that 'forgot password' reset link. It's super frustrating because it constantly wastes five minutes of your time and get you out of your work groove.

If you're the IT guy, it's a huge issue because your employees are annoying you with password reset requests, when you have way better things to be doing. On top of that, your employees are constantly creating new free accounts, so you have no idea and no control over which apps your users are using.

A single identity with single sign on makes everyone happy. Now you've got one password for everything, self-service password reset, AND your IT team can control exactly which apps are allowed to be used, giving them the view and control they need to keep their company secure.

There's nothing quite like the smoothness of jumping from app to app, never having to type a username and password, or clicking 'forgot password' ever again. 


of data breaches are due to weak, reused, or stolen passwords


the average number of passwords each employee has


of employees use 2 to 3 passwords across all company accounts

What can I do about it?

We often cringe when we found out some of our prospective clients store their list of passwords in excel spreadsheets (especially when they also haven't encrypted their had drives)! The dark days are over and BEMO is going to implement identity protection using the Microsoft tools below. We're going to instantly prevent the bulk of the cyber-attacks out there while eliminating the need to ever click 'reset password' ever again. Everyone wins.


Identity Security Pricing


Azure Active Directory (AD) Identity Protection

 To start things off, Azure AD Identity Protection can tell if your employee's credentials were leaked on the internet or are being sold on the dark web. And on top of that, if an employee tried to change their password to one that Microsoft knows has already been leaked, then the system won't allow that employee to choose that password. That combination is so cool! This tool gives IT admins a lot of insight into their users and gives them the ability to create automated workflows if risk events do occur, both minimizing the work for IT people and reducing the opportunity for hackers to play on your network. To learn more about all the other cool features the IT guys dream about, check out the 14-minute demo by Alex Weinert and Simon May.




Azure Active Directory (AD) Identity and Access Management

Still managing your active directory on premise? If your organization wants to keep servers on prem but wants the ability to manage it remotely with more control over it's users, then you can use Azure AD to control your on prem servers. And with Role Based Access Control (RBAC), your IT department can more seamlessly delegate rules and controls over their employees. Learn more by watching Matt McSpirit's clear and concise walk-through. 



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Identity Security Pricing

Go Password-less with Windows Hello

 Windows Hello allows employees to login using their laptop's built-in camera, instead of using a password. Enabling this feature increases security while simultaneously increasing the user's experience. We've been using Windows Hello for a while now at BEMO and now typing out a password feels ancient. Your IT team will thank you and your employees will feel like they work for a company on the cutting edge! You know what else is cool? Windows Dynamic lock, which you can also configure by typing 'Sign-in options' into your PC's search bar. Essentially, you pair your smart phone to your computer via Bluetooth and when your phone is out of distance from your computer, your PC will automatically lock itself.



Using Microsoft Authenticator App for MFA 

 OK, so your company uses MFA. And even if your company doesn't, you probably do on some of your personal home accounts like your banking app. Don't you hate receiving that MFA text message or email, having to type in that four to six digit code? Well say no more with Microsoft Authenticator, now all you have to do is click 'accept'. It's just another way Microsoft improves the user experience of cybersecurity!

Identity Security Pricing