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- Case Study -

3 Reasons Consulting Migrates Away From GoDaddy



This story may sound similar to yours but here's one twist even we didn't expect... they knew how to do the migration themselves...



How, you ask?

Chris, the co-owner of 3 Reasons Consulting did a google search and stumbled upon our GoDaddy step-by-step migration instructions. He then:

  • Read the steps
  • Understood the steps (he's done many similar migrations in the past)
  • and...called us.


Have you ever practiced your craft on yourself? Then you know sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees with your own project. Plus, if you mess it up, there's no one to blame but yourself. Even with a serious IT background, Chris thought it best to put matters into our hands.

So, how did it go? Read on to find out how it went, from one IT company to another. But first, some 3 Reasons stats:

3 Reasons Consulting, LLC


Number of Employees


Years in Business

An Easy Start

3 Reasons Consulting, LLC. specializes in senior-level IT consulting, primarily in Health Information Technology and Cybersecurity. They are a husband and wife team out of Virginia. Their business started out with just the two of them and has grown to 23 employees. In addition to government contracts, they also have commercial clients. Needless to say, 3 Reasons is busy! When I asked him why they started with GoDaddy, his response was a familiar one (and as a website owner/creator, something I've done as well)

"It was just easy. We really didn't think too much about it. When we first registered our domain name for the company, we thought 'Oh, cool, they also offer Microsoft! Let's do it.' It was just easy."

And for a while, it was just that: easy. 

Until they started noticing some of the capabilities in Microsoft that they were locked out of because their licenses were through GoDaddy. The first hiccup came via Microsoft's audio conferencing add-on. Chris ended up having to buy a completely separate license through Microsoft. After that, locked doors just kept showing up. GoDaddy was just not going to cut it.

godaddy to office 365 migration case study with body scientific

A Change Had to Come

Chris started researching. Again, Chris has a solid background in IT (think: large-scale email migrations for the Department of Defense) so he set out to do the migration on his own. 

"I thought, This isn't incredibly difficult. So I just started looking at the articles that were out there and realized, I don't have the time or the patience to attempt this. Then I came across your website and thought the articles were well-written and easy to understand. So, let's let them do it! Plus, it's not a crazy cost."

Choosing BEMO

While "It was very clear that BEMO knew what they were doing.", Chris still researched other companies to make sure he was getting the best migration possible. Whom would Chris choose? One issue that kept coming up in his research?

"I don't' want to get on 17 phone calls to find out what something is going to cost."


godaddy migration cost calculator

BEMO was different. He used our migration cost calculator to estimate his costs within minutes.

"I just thought the transparency you all had on your site about the offering was great. I didn't have to go digging for information and there were no surprise costs. I thought the transparency was really good."


Moving On, Moving Up

Chris' main concern about migrating was downtime, about which he said:

"They all came back up pretty quickly. Mine did not. I actually got a little nervous. I think I texted Bruno, he called me immediately and explained that sometimes that happens. So, I actually went to sleep that night not overly stressed out, I didn't wake up at 3 am worried, and I went to my desk the next day and there it was."


The migration was completed ahead of schedule by 2 to 3 days and overall  he thought "it went well, no problems that I'd say. It was a 10, I was extremely happy".

What is life like now, post-GoDaddy?

"I enjoy the ease of finding the licenses and the ease of adding folks and tools, as we've had some additions. I also had an issue buying OME and Domonic walked me through buying it but then it wasn't working so he created a video for me and showed me the workaround."

His piece of advice for anyone considering a migration? 

"I would definitely say do it. For me, unfortunately, I had purchased all of my annual licenses with GoDaddy already. So, if you're able to time it around the time your licenses expire, that's a good move."


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