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                                     Whoops, I Texted the Wrong Person

                                                             Not hard to imagine right? Every once in a while we text the wrong person.
                                                             Guess what, people sometimes email the wrong person too, and sometimes with sensitive data. We all make mistakes sometimes, 
                                                             and Azure Information Protection has got your back for those 'Oh Sh%t' moments. And ok, let's say you are super diligent and
                                                            you'd never make that mistake... but are you sure the others in your company are as careful?


of all employees have sent data to the wrong person


of senior managers have admitted to accidentally leaking business


of data leaks are caused by user mistakes

What can I do about it?

Identifying and classifying data based on its contents and then creating rules surrounding those classification levels is pretty new for most companies, even though the military has been practicing this very decades. The cool thing is with Microsoft's technology, it's now really easy to get up an running with document protection. BEMO implements and maintains document security across your organization by using the Microsoft technologies below, so you can rest assured your employees' mistakes will be prevented. With these tools in place, your employees will actually learn to be more cyber-aware, and will make fewer mistakes in the future!


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Azure Information Protection (AIP)

 With AIP, you can identity which of your data is sensitive. Microsoft is smart in that it can detect things like credit card numbers and social security numbers within a document. Or you can create custom rules for how to identify sensitive information, so you don't have to read every file you have. Once you've identified the sensitive data, you can classify it by labeling it 'secret' or 'sensitive' or one of the many out of the box labels Microsoft provides you. Then, you can apply protection policies, such as not allowing an employee to copy and paste from certain documents. Or lets say the CEO accidentally sends an internal memo for the execs to the whole company. Even if the other employees receive the file, they won't be able to read it, unless they have the right credentials. Pretty cool, right? Watch the introduction video below to see it in action.


If you're the IT guy or are just really curious to how it works, watch the two demos below presented by Gagan Gulati, of the Information Protection team at Microsoft.




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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Microsoft can scan all of your data and identify sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and then automatic actions tied to them. For example, if an employee is clicks send on an email that contains a social security number, the DLP rule can automatically encrypt the email, it can create a pop up that educates the employee on 'good security manners' so that your employees become vigilant, or it could simply stop the email from being sent. There realm of possibilities for rule and action creation is truly endless, giving your IT team incredible control over company data, giving them the tools they need to prevent data breaches. Skip to minute-mark 4:04 on the video below to see DLP in action!




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