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Welcome Mohamed Sekrane, BEMO's First Hire of 2020!

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Mohamed is our newest addition to BEMO! He is joining our team as an Implementation and Support Engineer and will work closely with Cata, Harpreet, and Bruno. He is very customer-centric, so we're especially happy to have him!

Here's a little bit about him that he wanted to share with everyone: Mohamed was born in Algeria and at age 4 moved to Libya. When he was 14 he moved to France and joined the French Air Force, where his first job was Flight Simulator Instructor. 


He spent his time parachuting out of planes and piloting fighter jets. When he left the Air Force he was given the opportunity to learn IT, a field and skill he had never thought of pursuing. He quickly found that he loved to decode problems and help customers solve their Office 365 frustrations, he even started his own IT company!

Microsoft 365  Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Mohamed also has all the Microsoft 365 Security certifications, so he's well equipped to protect you from cyber attacks!

Some fun facts:

  • What's the last book you read? Carl Jung: Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky
  • Where in the world do you want go? I want to visit Antarctica
  • Where do you live? I now live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria
  • What else is on your mind? I just realized from this picture (below) that I'm turning 30 this year and that I need to take more pictures


Mohamed says he's excited to join BEMO and work with Microsoft's latest security tools that they are adding to Office 365 and Azure. We're excited to have his experience on board and learn from his past implementations.

Welcome to the team Mohamed!

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