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Welcome Josh Franklin, BEMO's Third Hire of 2020!

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Josh is our newest BEMO team member and comes to us by way of Houston, Texas! Josh will join us as a Cloud Solutions Specialist, providing full-scope cloud consultations to our small and midsize businesses as well as to our education, government and non-profit customers. He'll be working closely with Brandon and Julia.

A little about Josh:

Josh was born and raised in Houston and still calls the city home today. He has two furry friends: a pup named Kodama and a cat named Jynx. At 9 years old he first discovered technology when he found an old computer guide. At 10 he built his first computer and it was love of all things tech from there on out.

Josh and Kodama:

Josh and Kodama

Josh is a huge fan of fitness and nutrition (he got his personal training certificate at 23 to help friends and family develop workout programs) but that doesn't mean he'll shy away from a good old fashioned food challenge (see "What's the best meal you've ever had?" question below).

In his free time, Josh loves to discover new food and music from the wide array of options the melting pot of Houston provides. 

Josh worked as a Cloud Technical Expert at Microsoft prior to coming to BEMO so he is your go-to for all things cloud related. Currently he's working on the "quadfecta" or Microsoft Certifications: Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Automation. 

Some fun facts about Josh:

  • What’s the last book you read? Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  • Coffee or tea? How many cups? 1-2 cups, but I drink the strongest coffee known to man. (My caffeine tolerance is insane). It’s called Biohazard Coffee, and it is NOT for the faint of heart.
  • What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? First off, let me say that I can eat a LOT more than most people assume. There’s a local steakhouse that has a challenge where if you can eat a 48oz steak and 4lbs of fries in one hour, you get the meal free and your picture on the wall. I was able to finish the challenge in 30 minutes.
  • What’s next on your bucket list? Visiting Japan. I’ve always wanted to visit that country and have a whole itinerary planned out.
  • What’s a secret talent or fact about you that no one knows? I don’t really have any secrets that NOBODY knows about, but one of my lesser known facts is that I absolutely LOVE anything medieval or renaissance themed. In fact, the one time of year that I can truly nerd out is at Texas Renaissance Festival. I go all out and dress up, play the part, and partake in the acts.
  • Who inspires you? Professionally, I would have to say Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO). Working under him in the cloud sector has given me so much insight into what the future of cloud computing can do, as well as what to look forward to.
  • What was your first job? Oh man… My first job was at Six Flags (A large amusement park) I was 16 and I was in-charge of the busiest game booth section of the park. It was fun, but it was a summer job and this Texas heat is NO JOKE. I vowed from then on to only have jobs that provided air conditioning.

Josh, Jynx & Kodama (photo bombing):

Josh and Jinx Bio

Welcome to BEMO, Josh, we are lucky to have you!



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