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Welcome Daleska Sanchez & Jenna Jacobs, BEMO's Newest Hires of 2022

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We here at BEMO are proud to announce our third and fourth hires of 2022: Daleska Sanchez & Jenna Jacobs!

Daleska Sanchez will be joining our Support Team as a Technical Support Engineer. She is based in Managua, Nicaragua and will be reporting to Nina Cullen, our Director of Customer Success and Support.

Two new hires for 2022
Let’s learn a bit more about Daleska!

Daleska loves her cats – even if one of them refuses to use the sandbox! Her cat, Isa, has been with her for over three years after being rescued at four months old. Isn’t she adorable?

Two new hires for 2022
Traveling is also a huge part of Daleska’s life. She loves going on road trips to the many beaches, volcanoes, and sites that Nicaragua has to offer. When asked about her recent adventures she said, “Last December, a group of friends and I decided to cross the country from coast to coast. We headed to Pearl Cays on the Caribbean Coast, stayed there for two days, and then we went to Playa Maderas on the Pacific Coast.”

One place she loved visiting was Granada, one of the most popular colonial cities in Nicaragua. Granada is just along the coast of the world’s twentieth largest lake: Lake Nicaragua. Check out these photos of Daleska in front of the beautiful city of Granada and the Mombacho Volcano:

Two new hires for 2022Two new hires for 2022

Some fun facts about Daleska:

Who inspires you? My mom. She is a very strong woman who fights for her family.

What was the best concert you ever attended? I just attended my very first concert, it was Coldplay. I had the time of my life!

If you could be any animal, which would you be? I would be a snake because I am really afraid of them.

What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about traveling and learning from every experience

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? I am redesigning my apartment, still don't know my style though.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? Rice and beans with cheese and some lemon. Best of the best!

The Marketing Team also continues to grow: Jenna Jacobs joins the team as BEMO’s second Marketing Intern!

Two new hires for 2022
A little bit about Jenna:

She currently lives in Moorhead, Minnesota where she attends Concordia College, studying English Writing. She loves spending time outdoors whether it be walking, biking, or hammocking. When the Winter months are brutally cold, you will find Jenna indoors instead, appreciating her many indoor plants. Check out these pics from a hike during a trip Jenna took to Costa Rica! Doesn’t it look gorgeous?


Jenna also loves spending quality time with her friends and family whether that be exploring different shops or restaurants, visiting the many lakes in Minnesota, traveling to new places, or just hanging out. Jenna with her older sister:

Two new hires for 2022
Some more fun information on Jenna:

Who inspires you? My family & friends - they are my biggest supporters.

If you could be any animal, which would you be? I think it would be a toss-up between a snail (It’d be cool to see the world as a tiny snail) or a toucan (who wouldn’t want to fly in the rainforest?).

What are you passionate about? Houseplants & writing.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Just finished the newest season of In The Dark and now I’m watching Kim’s Convenience.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? My degree! I'm studying English Writing with minors in Spanish and Business.

What is your favorite family tradition? Every summer we spend a full week together for family bonding- sometimes we rent a cabin or go on a trip. A lot of my most cherished memories are from these weeks.

Welcome to BEMO Daleska and Jenna. We are so excited to have you here!

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