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Welcome Catalin Alaci, BEMO's latest hire!

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Cata is our newest addition to BEMO. He is joining Bruno and Harpreet on the implementation team as a Cybersecurity Engineer. Cata has known the founders, Joel and Bruno for a very long time; having worked together in Microsoft's Hardware division in the late 1990's. In fact here's a picture I dug up of them below in 1998!


What doesn't he do in his free time? Cata brews his own beer, masterfully roasts coffee from his Italian espresso machine, and makes delicious pizza from the outdoor oven he built himself. He is a true Washingtonian, spending his time snowboarding, biking, and riding his motorcycle! He is the husband of Mirela, the father of Luca, and master of Diesel (German Shorthaired Pointer).


Above he can be seen on a training run for his September summit of Mt. Rainier (14,441 ft at its peak)! Welcome to BEMO, Cata!

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