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We Ranked The 23 Team Member Benefits As A Company

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Earlier this summer, our CEO and CFO asked all of our BEMO employees to participate in a week-long brainstorm. "A week-long brainstorm? About what?" you might wonder. Our employee benefits. So, brainstorm we did. This blog will discuss the next step we endeavored upon as a team: voting on the brainstormed benefits. 

The Brainstorm

If you're like me, and likely most other employees around the world, you've probably daydreamed about benefits. Weeks long vacations. Free home office setups. A new phone, and on and on, right? Of course you have! Yet this exercise was no daydream. Nope. These daydreams turned to reality as they were put down on paper (well, virtual paper) as a team. When we wrote about this two weeks ago, we showed you the list of 23 benefits our team came up with. BEMO, assuming that all goes to plan, is proposing to roll out these benefits within the next 28 months of starting the process (between July 2020 and December 2023). If you missed the first step in our benefits journey, click here

BEMO Brainstorm

Post-Brainstorm: Voting

After our brainstorm, there our daydreams stood, fully situated to become reality. At the next Monthly Business Review meeting we discussed the brainstormed benefits. We clarified any confusion around them and shored up their descriptions. Then came the next step: voting.

Bruno, BEMO's CEO asked that all team members rank (anonymously, of course) the 23 benefits we'd come up with from most to least preferred. Each team member privately reorganized the list of 23 into their optimal benefits arrangement. By the end of the week, each team member had cast their vote and the results were in:


Voting results

Post Vote Discussion

The votes were in and that was that.


Of course not! While we fully appreciate a solid democratic process, like anonymous voting, once the votes were in, we met again to discuss the outcomes. Immediately, we noticed something interesting. Do you notice anything?

One thing which stuck out to us was that Paid Parental Leave had come in dead last. BEMO itself is a team which could be divided into two camps: potential parents and parents. The potential parents (meaning those team members without kiddos) aren't currently in need of Parental Leave and those in the parents camp have all already taken their Parental Leave prior to BEMO. Thus, pertaining to no one in the company at the time, Paid Parental Leave found itself, as I mentioned, dead last.

However, since the top 3 benefits all had to do with increasing team member time off, we realized that, despite its not pertaining to current BEMO-ers, Paid Parental Leave certainly could apply to them or other new hires in the future. Further, the US has been far behind other countries when it comes to encouraging all parents to participate in parental leave. At BEMO, family is extremely important to us and we want to support our team members through life's transitions. So, we discussed it and decided that perhaps it should rise to the top.

The Final Outcome

Well...did it? Did Paid Parental Leave make the cut? 

Tune in next time to see the final outcome (and the newly added benefits from the list of 23!) for the BEMO team!

What benefits do you daydream about? Leave a note in the comments below 👇


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