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Our 23 Employee Benefits: The Final Outcome

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UPDATE, January 2021: When we first published this post last fall, 2020, we mentioned it would be updated as our benefits were update. Now's the time! Check out what's new in the world of BEMO benefits (hint: it's amazing 👏).

We started our BEMO benefits discussion earlier this summer and now, come early fall, the votes are in, the revisions have been made and...

It's time for to reveal the final outcome.

So, what are our BEMO benefits now? Read along to find out.


Our Benefits Journey

When we began our BEMO benefits journey earlier this summer, it seemed like a journey that would take years to implement. I mean, the journey itself was titled "Benefits 2023". So, one might (and this one did) easily assume that said benefits would begin to appear a few years down the line (well, 3 years to be precise). Though I can speak only for myself, I think the entire team was excited just to be a part of the process.

It's not often that an every employee huddles together to brainstorm company policy, much less policy that directly benefits each and every one of them. Plus, deciding on things now that would occur come 2023, was a good feeling, indicating that we were all a part of the long-term plan. So, plan we did!

Whats the plan

If this is the first you've heard of this and you missed the first two editions of our BEMO Benefits blogs, check them out! In the first blog we brainstormed benefits and in the second we voted on them. So, what was next? Simply pat ourselves on the backs and dream of the day said voted on benefits would arise? I assumed so. 

I was wrong.


As we discussed last week, after we voted, we met to discuss how different benefits had ranked and to clear up any confusion. BEMO's CEO and CFO both listened to our quandaries and qualifications about the results and then, a week later returned with this:

New benefits.

As we've mentioned since the beginning, adding additional benefits to our current offerings (check out our new webpage highlighting all of our current and future BEMO benefits!) is always reliant upon our continued success as a company. In the midst of a pandemic and an ever-expanding team, I don't know that anyone expected new benefits to be added right away, yet add them BEMO did.

So, here are the benefits we've added as a company since July 2020:

BEMO Benefits 2020

Paid Holidays 🎉

BEMO offers 10 days off (up from 7!) for your local or national holidays every year. In the US, the team observes ten national holidays which are:
  • New Year’s Day (Jan 1st) 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 18th) 
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) 
  • Fourth of July (July 4th 
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September) 
  • Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November) 
  • The day after Thanksgiving (Last Friday in November) 
  • Christmas Day (December 25th) 
  • The day before Christmas (December 24th) 
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31st) 

Three-Month Sabbatical 🏖️

For every five years (60 full months) of regular and uninterrupted employment with BEMO, you will be eligible to take a three-month-long fully paid sabbatical 

Parental Leave 👶

When you welcome a new baby, BEMO encourages you to take up to 12 weeks leave, at 80% paid salary. You can choose to take an additional eight weeks of unpaid leave.

Newly Added, January 2021:

4 Weeks Vacation 💃

Instead of 3 weeks, BEMO team members get 4 weeks of fully paid vacation every year. In order to encourage our team to use this time, the weeks don't role over. They renew at every team member's hire date.

Life Insurance 🔐

US team members get $50,000 worth of life insurance for free! 

Profit-Sharing 💵

At the end of the year, we distribute 20% of BEMO profits amongst our team members.

The Recap

Through this process, we've learned a lot as a team and a company. Who we are, what we value, and what we want to present to the world. When I arrived at BEMO just four short months ago, I thought the benefits were already amazing and they were, but working for a company that wants to improve upon their benefits? That's even more amazing.

Even just the simple switch from 7-10 days annually for paid holidays means holidays are more relaxed, three day weekends are more prevalent and time off is growing. A sabbatical shows our value in rejuvenation and emphasizes our work hard, play hard approach. Parental leave means that even as your family grows, so too can you grow with BEMO.

As the months go by, we will continue to address the benefits and bring you along with us on the journey. Every quarterly business review, we will discuss where we are as a company and a team and where we want to go and adding benefits commensurate with company health will always be a part of that.

Follow along to see what happens next...

What do you think of our benefits? Which do you want to see added? Let us know in the comments below 👇

Leave us a comment!

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