Establish a CSP Relationship with BEMO


Why Buy Office 365 Through Us?

Sure, you could go to Microsoft's website and buy your Office 365 licenses directly through them, but that'd be a huge mistake. We make things really easy for you by eliminating contracts and cutting the prices. Better yet, when you have a problem instead of sending an email to Microsoft support and hopefully getting an email back in the next 24 hours or waiting on hold for over an hour, we give you immediate help and solve your problems fast.

On top of all that, what happens if you're under a cyber-attack? Do you think Microsoft is going to let you know? No way, but we sure will. Why do all of this? A customer-focused experience is what we're all about, and it all starts with Office 365.

No Contracts

Others will make you sign a 12-month contract for your licenses; we won't

Security Alerts

Get alerted of suspicious activity and cyber-attacks on your account

Save Money

Microsoft charges you extra to pay month to month, we won't

Tech Support

Technical support from a small team who won't put you on hold for an hour


Make BeMo your trusted advisor


Step 1: Authorize BEMO

Open your browser in a private (incognito) session

Log in to with your Global Admin user account

Click here or copy the following URL in your browser to authorize BEMO to be your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider 


Step 2: Wait for your account activation

IMPORTANT! It may take up to 24  hours to complete your account conversion.  Wait to hear back from BEMO.


Step 3: Go shop

Visit BEMO Online Store to purchase additional subscriptions

*Note that accepting BeMo as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider will enable you to purchase offers and get administrative support from BeMo. It does not change or modify your existing subscriptions, nor does it change the terms of those subscriptions.


Multi-Partner Support

Already working with another partner? No worries, we got options for you.

The Partner Center’s multi-partner feature supports scenarios when a customer wants to work with more than one partner. For example, a customer may want to hire one partner for their expertise in Office 365, but hire a different partner who specializes in Microsoft Azure.

To use the multi-partner feature in the Partner Center, invite the customer to give you delegated administration privileges. See Request a relationship with a customer for information about how to establish a relationship with a customer who is already working with a partner.

Multi-partner functionality does not:

  • Change any of the customer’s existing subscriptions
  • Transition the customer’s existing subscriptions or account ownership
  • Change the terms or customer’s obligations for any of their existing subscriptions
  • Change the partner of record for a subscription