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Built in Public

A blog about building BEMO in public to $100M ARR

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Strategic Planning

2 min read

Strategic Planning During Turbulent Times

The 2024 planning season is upon us! With the new year just weeks away, I wanted to shed some light on BEMO's planning experiences and insights from...

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1 min read

Crafting Excellence: The Heart of BEMO's Managerial Approach

At BEMO, we've always been a remote company, growing quickly and navigating the always-changing waters of a dynamic digital workspace. This unique...

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enps score

2 min read

BEMO's 2023 eNPS Score: A Testament to Thriving Work Culture

At BEMO, we believe that employee engagement is the cornerstone for employee development. In this blog post, we are thrilled to share the results of...

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BEMO Published Its Salaries

5 min read

BEMO Publishes Its Salaries

Part 1: How did we get here? It was early 2019 at the time, and we were only three people working from our basements in Bellevue and Redmond, just...

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