Our Employee Benefits


Our Employee Benefits! (New Benefits Added January, 2021)


Our BEMO Team Members are our greatest asset. They are the soul of our company, and their attitudes translate directly into everything we do. From our products to customer service to marketing, a happy, healthy Team means everything to us.


Our benefits represent our company culture. We continually discuss and vote on benefits as a team during our Monthly and Quarterly Business Reviews to make sure everyone has a voice and we are consistently adding to our ever-expanding list of perks. Learn more about the process here.

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Every 5 years, employees get to take a 3-month paid sabbatical.


You get 4 weeks of paid vacation annually! No rollover, use it or lose it! 


Our US team enjoys 10 paid holidays every year. Our Intl team enjoys their country's holidays

Sick Days

If you are sick, take the day off. No stupid corporate rules about # of sick days

Medical Insurance 

You are covered and BEMO pays for 75% of the monthly premium


Family Coverage

Health for you and your family, you can opt-in to include your family member.

Vision Benefits

Make sure they're in tip-top shape with vision coverage


Life Insurance

We give team members $50,000 worth of life insurance for free (US only)


At the end of the year we distribute 20% of our profits amongst all our staff.


We offer 100% match for the first 3% contribution to your 401k and 50% of the next 2%.

Parental Leave

When you welcome a new baby, we encourage you to take 12 weeks paid leave

Home Office

We provide you with a new laptop, two monitors and $500 for other electronics

Expense Account

You get a company credit card because we trust you with purchasing decisions


We've been 100% remote for 10+ years. Just show up during your working hours


Our Future Employee Benefits!

We're going to make BEMO the best place we've ever worked. The benefits below represent a road map for what's to come. We will slowly roll out these future benefits one-by-one by December, 2023. Of course, the prerequisites for these changes mean BEMO reaches and maintains a certain level of flexibility and profitability, but the future looks bright! 


BEMO Cabo 2021

4 Weeks Vacation

Instead of 15 days of paid vacation, we will offer 20 days per year

(Enabled January, 2021 ✅)

Top 25% Salary

Your salary is indexed to NYC's top 25% salaries, based on role, skills and experience

A Piece of the Pie

If we sell BEMO, tenured team members will be receive a cut of the sale


When the company does well, all team members will get a share of the profits.

(Enabled January, 2021 ✅)


Every 5 years, employees get to take a 3-month paid sabbatical.

(Enabled July, 2020 ✅)


US team gets 10 paid holidays instead of 7. Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and MLK Day

(Enabled July, 2020 ✅)

Parental Leave

When you welcome a new baby, we encourage you to take 12 weeks paid leave

(Enabled July, 2020 ✅)


We offer 100% match for the first 5% contribution to your 401k


40-Hour Week

You never know when you start a new job. You'll actually be working a 40-hour work week here

Life Insurance

We give you a X multiplier of your annual salary life insurance policy, you pay nothing

(Enabled January, 2021 ✅)

Fitness Allowance

We will pay up to $100/month for your gym, yoga studio, or whatever activity you do

Charitable Giving

We will match your nonprofit (501c3) donations, up to $2,000 per year

Company Trips

We meet up twice per year for one week somewhere around the world

Co-Working Space

We will pay for a permanent desk in a co-working space of your choice


We will provide you the latest smartphone and pay your phone bill

Books, Audio, etc.

Get a free Kindle and all the free books - digital, physical, and audio - you like, anytime

Short-Term Disability

Injured? Take 30 days off at 100% pay. You can take an additional 30 days at 60% pay

Flexible Spending Account

Set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket medical expenses or dependent care expenses

Continued Education

We will cover $1,000 annually for you to learn anything that you feel enriches you as a person

Personal Development

Supportive mentoring and on-boarding to make joining BEMO a breeze 


Want to learn more about our journey?

Read more about how our benefits came to life by coming along for the ride! Click on the link below!


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