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What is BEMO building?

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 We recently announced that we raised $3M from investors in addition to a $500k, 0% interest loan from Microsoft. So... what are we building?  

Microsoft continues to pack more and more security tools in their Microsoft 365 for SMB licenses, with their focus in the ‘Microsoft 365 Business Premium’. However, these tools aren’t a simple ‘toggle’ to turn on and still require IT personnel that are experienced in the Microsoft stack to take advantage of those features.

  1.  If you do not have an IT person (you would be surprised at how many organizations with <200 employees do not have IT people) then you cannot take advantage of the Microsoft Security Stack
  2. If an organization does have IT personnel, but they are not educated in the Microsoft security stack, then they will not have the skillset to turn on those security tools, and simply not secure their environment
  3. If an organization does have IT personnel, but they are not educated in the Microsoft security stack, then they will leave the Microsoft ecosystem and find other security SaaS tools that make it easier to secure their environment
  4. If an organization does have IT personnel that do have the skillset to implement the Microsoft security stack, then there is still the possibility that they do not have 3 to 6 months to implement and then maintain that environment as Microsoft makes changes, updates, or adds new features.

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BEMO is solving all four of these problems by creating a SaaS solution that will deploy and maintain Microsoft’s security stack so that organizations can take advantage of all the Microsoft 365 and Azure security tools they are already purchasing, and secure their environment in days, instead of months or never at all.

For example, under BEMO's email security package, we implement tools such as but not limited to: Exchange Online Protection, Office Message Encryption, Defender for Office 365 etc... these are great tools. In addition under our identity security and corporate device security, we deploy other popular tools such as Intune, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Conditional Access, Privileged Identity Management, and much more.

While we LOVE these tools... you still need to be an Engineer to actually deploy and maintain these tools. There's no easy 'switch' to just turn it all on. In the SMB space, 1 to 500 user range... most organizations either don't have an IT person to do this or don't have an IT person who is skilled in the Microsoft ecosystem. And even if you are an IT person skilled in the MS Security Stack... it still takes so much TIME to go turn it all on. This is why we are developing a SaaS solution that will be able to quickly enable all of Microsoft's Security Stack. Doing so will allow organizations to quickly secure their environment, become IT compliant with regulations, and save IT staff countless hours of trying to dig through Microsoft documentation and PowerShell scripts.

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