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Microsoft Announces Cybersecurity Threat Volt Typhoon

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On May 24, Microsoft announced an alarming cybersecurity threat by the name of Volt Typhoon and provided important defense recommendations based on the observed behavior of the group.  

Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored bad actor based in China, was found engaging in malicious activity aimed at “critical infrastructure organizations” in the United States.  

According to Microsoft, the “affected organizations span the communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, information technology, and education sectors.”  

This activity reported by Microsoft adds to a growing wave of cybercrime attempts on organizations of all sizes in recent years.  
Attacks are not only becoming more frequent – but more sophisticated as well, and many businesses are woefully unprepared to handle this new and rapidly evolving digital world. SMBs in particular have been a growing target due to a common lack of awareness, knowledge, budget, or time. The need for cybersecurity has never been greater.

What Does This Mean for BEMO?

As a trusted Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, BEMO is committed to the security of our valuable customers.  
From the time of the announcement, our expert cybersecurity team was already hard at work. 

We quickly established a communication plan for all of our customers and cross-referenced the security recommendations given in Microsoft’s announcement with the tenants of our BEMO Managed IT and Security customers to identify any potential optimizations.

As was expected due to BEMO's comprehensive Zero-Trust approach, we were not met with surprises due to Microsoft's announcement. In less than 10 working hours, all BEMO Managed IT customers had peace of mind that their defenses were up to par, and as an exceptional measure, any fixes beyond existing protections were set to be applied for all BEMO Security customers, starting at Silver (pending customer approval, of course).

The particulars behind these updates are specific to the BEMO package, Microsoft licensing, and process stage of existing projects. Thus, existing BEMO customers are encouraged to communicate with their CSM for any questions or doubts regarding the latest Microsoft announcement. 

What does this mean for your business?

BEMO's mission is to enable any small or medium-sized organization to securely conduct business in today's connected digital world, and Volt Typhoon stands as a healthy reminder that security must be an ongoing priority for organizations of every size.

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and it is important to ensure you have the staff at hand to deploy and monitor these controls or work with a trusted Microsoft Security Partner like BEMO to secure your valuable business.

Not sure of where to start on your M365 Security journey or what to make of the recent Microsoft recommendations?  
Book a time with one of our security experts here.  

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