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- Case Study: Premier MP -

Premier MP was growing fast. Would their IT keep up?

Migration From G Suite To Office 365 (3)


When you're growing quickly, growing pains are frequent. Watch how Premier MP overcame theirs, below 👇


At Light Speed

Premier MP is a company moving at light speed. They are growing faster than they had imagined and they needed their IT to match their speed. The only problem: when we met them, they had an IT department of 1. It was hard enough just to put out the daily IT fires that come up at every company, much less think for and create a cybersecurity/IT plan for the future. Robert needed some help. 


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Help is on the way

Thankfully, Robert's help came twofold in the form of BEMO + new employees in his department. However, it wasn't as simple as it sounds. As an up-and-coming company with patents and NDAs aplenty, they needed to be very careful with whom they shared their company secrets. 

“I had a big whiteboard in my office and I sat there, there were four different organizations, BEMO included. Then, we vetted everybody. We did Dunn & Bradstreet research on each client. I mean, we dove deep to find out who we were going to trust. I also knew, coming from an MSP myself, what I was looking for.”

When it was down to just BEMO and a local company, wanting boots on the ground, the local company won first. 

That first 6 months with that company set me back 3 months, at least.

When it came to the helpdesk they were good. When it came to engineering, they were resourceful, but not in a great way. BEMO was still working with Premier, as they had bought their Microsoft licensing through us and what Robert found out was this:

What do I find these guys doing? Calling you guys to find out how to do their job. I had an engineer asking me basic questions. It turned out to be a bad situation. The icing on the cake was when we had a breach. There's all these steps that need to happen to secure the tenant and get my business back up and running.I watched our MSP chase their tail for 20 minutes and then I hung up. I contacted Bruno. 30 minutes later, we were all back up and running."

A few days later, Robert broke up with his MSP and hired BEMO. To satisfy his need for boots on the ground, he hired an employee and finally has some breathing room. 


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Prepping for Managed IT

When you have help, it's easier to plan and finally, Robert has gotten to take the time to do so. Plus, when you have a team, everything goes faster. 

“When it came to the large projects, getting our Azure switched over, getting off of the local domain, getting on the cloud, getting our MDM implemented, we made record time. This is stuff that's supposed to take months and we knocked it out in half the time that you would normally schedule to get it done. I feel like there's a lot of next-level thinkers with BEMO.”

Life with Managed IT & Cybersecurity

BEMO has been there for Premier since that first breach but we wanted to see how things felt now that we've been working together for a while. When we asked Robert if he felt secure against cyberattacks he said:


"Much better. Much, much better than where we were.I"m not constantly looking over my shoulder. I'm not going to bed at night going 'Oh my goodness, I could get up tomorrow to an absolute bomb and disaster.' But there is still work to be done."


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The Wrap-Up

While still growing every day, Premier has now found itself in a safe, secure environment to protect its precious information and BEMO has helped to get them there.


"Right from the get-go, knowledge is perfect. when it comes to cybersecurity and what you guys have to offer, good luck with any competition."



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